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If you have time to make this for dinner or before dinner mas maayo :)

1/2 cup celery

1/2 cup cucumber

Lemon ginger turmeric tea(prepped before hand)

Then eto ang secret

This makes a delicious, healthy and very filling smoothie! Sarap!!! Then I'm going to test this in intervals for two weeks. Let's see what happens!

So far, I've lost the water weight for last week's lamon fiesta. 2 lbs din na lose ko.

I just tried this last night right about 7pm and drank black tea lang while I was working. I felt full and sooo not hungry. Usually my nights are the problem because since you worked the whole day, you feel that it's kind of a reward to sneak in more carbs and calories at night.

And then there's kdrama! Mapapa food panda ka talaga when you see them slurping their nakakabuwisit pero parang ansharap na noodles! Don't know bout you but that's temptation right there! Haha.

Anyways, yun lang and baka magover share ako dito, lol!

If you guys have any tips on how you lost weight, please share away!


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