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Wednesday Mediterranean Magic: A Midweek Feast of Flavorful, Nutrient-rich Meals

Hello and happy Wednesday! We're halfway through the week and have another delicious Mediterranean-inspired meal plan for you:

Breakfast: Kickstart your day with our Good Fat Coffee, an energizing blend to keep you on your toes.

Lunch: 1200-calorie and 1500-calorie meal plan followers can savor a flavorful Keto Chicken Curry Stew and a side of our Lemony Potato and Peas.

For our plant-based friends, enjoy a delightful combination of Lemony Potato and Peas with Keto Mushroom and Vegan Cheese Frittata.

Those on a 2500-3000 calorie diet, dive into Keto Chicken Curry Stew with a side of nutritious Black Rice.

For our low-cholesterol champions, we have the Keto Chicken Curry Stew paired with Black Rice.

Our lunchbox option today is a satisfying combination of Lemony Potato and Peas, Fish Yoghurt Fritters, and a side of Asian Fried Rice.

Dinner: On a 1200-calorie plan, delight in our Low Carb Vegan Buddha Bowl.

For those on a 1500-calorie or plant-based plan, relish in the Low Carb Vegan Buddha Bowl and flavorful Fish Yoghurt Fritters.

Low Carb Buddha Bowl - Black Sesame
Low Carb Buddha Bowl

If your plan is 2500-3000 calories, feast on Fish Yoghurt Fritters, Black Rice, and fresh, in-season fruits.

Our low-cholesterol dinner suggestion is Lemony Potato and Peas, Fish Yoghurt Fritters, and Black Rice.

Snacks: For a midday or late-night treat, enjoy our Low Carb Spanish Cheesecake. This is available for all plans and for our lunchbox carriers as well.

Those on a 2500-3000 calorie plan can also enjoy Low Fat Protein Bars.

As always, adjust portion sizes to fit your dietary needs, and consult with a healthcare provider to ensure this meal plan is suitable for your health circumstances. Enjoy the day and these delicious Mediterranean-inspired meals!

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